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About arse n. In combs.

Rate my arse

The two spellings are synon. Arse was SE at coinage, but it moved gradually into sl.

Its sources include a variety of words found in several Teutonic and Gate languages. The nearest relation is the German arsch, and there girls bi definite links back to the Greek orros and orsos. In English it dates at least towhen it is spelt ars, ears or ars.

The modern sp. Once rendered taboo, arse was to be resisted in polite conversation and printed only after the exclusion of crucial consonants, typically by Grose, who prefers a—e to the full-blown word. It remained off-limits, at least in print, untilwhen Frederic Manning used it in full in his memoir of World War I, Her Privates We itself a slightly bawdy pun. Since then the word has become relatively acceptable, chat with strangers cam such phrs.